Man attacked by 3.3m python: "Its fangs nicked my arm..."

Man attacked by 3.3m python: "Its fangs nicked my arm..."

It took this man's quick thinking to save his life. 

Man who was bitten by a python sits inside an ambulance
Man who was bitten by a python sits inside an ambulance/Facebook/@BBCSouth

No amount of enlightenment about snakes will ever fully prepare a person who is in front of one (unannounced, of course). 

But with quick thinking and wit, there is always a way out of a tricky or, in this case, dangerous situation. 

A man from Bishopstoke, Hampshire, England, Rob Byrne, was surprised when he found a python inside his conservatory. 

'Mr Byrne said he had been locking up his conservatory doors when he noticed something move through a set of blinds at the window. He said: "Its fangs nicked my arm and drew blood as it tried to sink its teeth into my arm".' (BBC)

He admits that if it wasn't for his quick thinking and reaction, things may have ended differently. Byrne walked away with minor injuries. 

As for the snake, it has since been captured and is residing at a reptile welfare centre. 

If it were not for Byrne's wife and daughter entering the conservatory, the snake may have pushed more with Byrne. He believes that their screams scared the snake away. 

Chris Newman, the director at the National Centre for Reptile Welfare, where the python is being cared for, said that it was unusual to find a 3.3m python, they usually came across 1.2m - 1.5m sized pythons. 


Newman also mentioned that people really needed to think properly before keeping snakes as pets. 

Why? Because they are natural escape artists.

Although this occurred in England, it is still valuable to South African snake owners. 

"Newman urged snake owners to also make sure their pet's vivarium is secure, as they've found many with the vents attached the wrong way round." (BBC)

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