Man divorces wife, sues his stepson

Man divorces wife, sues his stepson

Two guesses which party was the bitter one...

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Divorce is something that no one sets out to reach in marriage. However, the aftermath sometimes reveals parts of people that we don't think they even knew they had in them. 

One such thing is bitterness...

Some may choose to call it revenge, but we will stick to bitterness. 

This story screams bitterness and sadly it was the stepson who got the brunt of it...

"A few months after getting divorced, a man in China decided to sue his former stepson to recover some of the money he spent on raising him." (Insider)

The man demanded the amount of 32,000 yuan (R74,000) from his stepson as compensation for "living expenses". 

This was during his years at university and covered room and board over the period of four years.

The man, who goes by Tang, married the boy's mother in 2009 when he was just 10-years-old. 

Mr Tang took it upon himself to help raise the young man until September 2021, which was when his wife filed for divorce. 

In our view, it seems his efforts to attack the young man was a way of showing off his hurt and getting back at his ex. 

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But his efforts proved for nothing as the local court ruled against his claim. 

According to the Insider, the ruling stated: "Tang chose to support Liu, despite knowing he didn't have a legal responsibility to pay for his university study as Liu had reached 18 years of age.  In China, children are legally adults once 18, and parents are no longer expected to cover their living expenses."

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