Man gets away with paying 8c for 24 pack of chicken

Man gets away with paying 8c for 24 pack of chicken

Is human error factored in when you are paying for an expensive item that is priced incorrectly?

Bulk tray of chicken with a 20c coin
Bulk tray of chicken with a 20c coin/TikTok Screenshot/@keenanolivier021

We're all about celebrating a good deal when it comes to any sort of shopping. 

But where do you draw the line when it comes to a mistake that has been made, on the retailer's side? 

Are you head strong going in with the attitude that the customer is always right, or are you able to acknowledge a mistake for a mistake?

It's all well and good to follow the mindset of you pay for what you see, in other words, you pay for what the product is marked for, but what happens when a mistake was made? 

In a video that was shared by a Cape Town TikToker named Keenan Olivier, we see him sticking to his guns with a tray of chicken from a Woolworths store. 

He videos the barcoded sticker on the 24-bulk chicken pack that reads R0.08, which is 8 cents. 

Usually, these bulk packs of chicken go for nothing less than R200 (approximately), as per the Woolworths website. 

But on this day, we are certain that the person in charge of weighing and pricing these trays was not on their A-game and made a mistake. 

Because the sticker read that the whole tray costs R0.08! 

Point of note here, always double check your work, this is a classic example of your mind being somewhere else. 


As he proceeded to purchase the chicken, the cashier is left dumbfounded by the price. She calls her manager, and we are not sure what happened thereafter. 

But he managed to get the 24-pack of chicken for R0.08, as he cuts to the successful purchase by showing off the receipt. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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