Man gets shot in the head and doesn't know it

Man gets shot in the head and doesn't know it

The 21-year-old man went about his day-to-day only realising something was wrong four days after the shooting. 

A Brazilian man with a bullet in his head
A Brazilian man with a bullet in his head/Facebook/@OfficialFactPro

The dust has certainly settled on the holidays and 2024 is in full swing.

But this story is a clear indicator of the type of high (in joy, excitement, fun, adrenaline, etc.) people experience when they are bringing in a New Year. 

A 21-year-old Brazilian man by the name of Mateus Facio was partying in Cabo Frio for New Year's Eve 2023 and heard something loud, "like an explosion in his head". Upon touching his head, he saw blood. 

"A doctor in the crowd noticed the blood dripping from his head and helped stop the bleeding, but thinking that he had just been hit by a random stone thrown by someone in the heat of the moment, Mateus just went about his business. He just applied some ice to the wound, celebrated New Year’s with friends, and then drove 300 km (186 miles) to his home in Juiz de Fora" (Oddity Central)

It was certainly a case of misdiagnosis. But with the hype of New Year's, he went about his business and didn't think twice about his injury. He went to work on the 3rd of January 2024 and even met some friends after work without any indication that he had been shot in the head. 

"After taking a nap on January 4th, Mateus felt his left arm weaker than usual. He could move it, but it felt strange like he didn’t have the power or the coordination to pick up something with it. Worried, he got dressed and went straight to a local private hospital, where he also told doctors about the stone to the head he had received four days prior." (Oddity Central)

After Doctors performed a CT scan on Mateus, it was revealed that he had a 9mm bullet in his head. Everyone was shocked that he was operating as usual unknowingly. 


Even though the bullet was in a less critical part of his brain, it could cause issues later on in his life. 

There were risks involved in going in for surgery, but after having the bullet removed, he is recovering well. Can you even imagine living to tell such a story? 

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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