This man has taken to living in a tent permanently

This man has taken to living in a tent permanently

“When you let go of unfulfilling pursuits in life, you will slowly feel peace and become used to changed circumstances. It’s relaxing.” 

Young man drinking hot beverage from inside his tent
Young man drinking hot beverage from inside his tent/Pexels

Minimalist living is not for everyone, but those who have evolved into it speak of its benefits. 

One man who didn't initially set out to live the simple life has been doing it for 200 days and now swears by it. 

After Li Shu quit his job in Sichuan Province, he quickly realised that if he continued lazing around his apartment without a job, his savings would eventually run out. 

He decided to sell all his belongings and live his life in the great outdoors. He bought a tent and pitched it at a vacant parking lot. 

Although not everyone agrees with Li's life choice, he is pretty content with his relaxing lifestyle. 

"The young man told Chinese reporters that he is perfectly capable of finding employment, and his friends have repeatedly tried to find him better accommodation and even loan him money to start a small business, but he doesn’t want any of that. He enjoys his simple, frugal way of life and the constant relaxation it provides." (Oddity Central)

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Li's lifestyle is part of China's lying-down culture, which has become increasingly popular amongst the youth in the country. 

"Li’s story once again brought China’s growing “lying down” movement into the spotlight. Seen by many as a response to China’s increasingly toxic and overly competitive workplace culture, “lying down” is mostly popular with youths who choose to do the bare minimum to get by, instead of striving for financial and professional success." (Oddity Central)

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