Man mistakenly breaks the back windscreen of his car

Man mistakenly breaks the back windscreen of his car

The lack of a reaction shocked many people who saw the video...

A man closing the boot trunk of his car
A man closing the boot trunk of his car/TikTok Screenshot/@sleepwithhorror

Mistakes happen, but they can be costly...

As much as we all can get caught up in making a costly mistake, the truth is that there's no 'unmaking' the mistake. 

What's done is done, all we can do is try to remedy the situation in the best way possible. 

A video that caught our attention about mistakes attracted a lot of attention online. 

It showed a man packing something into the boot/trunk of his car. We are unable to make out what the item is, but it is noticeable that it is quite large and protruding. 

Sadly, it seems he did not make a good judgement call and ended up breaking his back windscreen when closing the boot/trunk. 

Watch how he reacts to the back glass breaking. Courtesy of TikTok

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Since the video is only seven seconds long, we are uncertain as to what happened after his silent pause. 

But, as usual, people were very happy to share their opinions. 

One person commented: "That’s called emotion processing so he doesn’t react in a bad way. Sign of emotional intelligence."

Alicia: "still processing 😂😂😂he didn't want to react at all hahaha" 

Regine: "That’s thousands dollars worth of damage. The guy is dying inside" 

And another person said: "If you don't react, it never happened" 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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