Man pretends to be a lady at chess game for the winnings

Man pretends to be a lady at chess game for the winnings

It all came down to the shoes, the shoes was a clear giveaway...

Man dressed in black burka and spectacles
Man dressed in black burka and spectacles/Instagram Screenshot/@BBCNews

People will do some outlandish things when they need money. Apart from stealing, the level of foolery goes up, up, and away. 

One man decided to go the extra mile with his effort in attaining money. He dressed up as a woman and entered a female Chess tournament in Kenya. 

"Dressed head to toe in a burka and wearing spectacles, Stanley Omondi had registered himself as Millicent Awour." (BBC)


For the most part, his disguise worked, because it is not uncommon for females to wear their hijabs and burkas. But suspicion rose when his success came to light. 

Chess Kenya president Bernard Wanjala told BBC Sport Africa: "We didn't have any suspicion at first, because wearing a hijab is normal."

"But along the way, we noticed he won against very strong players... and it will be unlikely to have a new person who has never played a tournament [being very strong]."

That coupled with his suspicious footwear was a sure giveaway. His shoes were notably more masculine, which was unusual. 

Not to mention the fact that he did not speak throughout his interaction at the tournament. Which was unusual, as chess is known as a game of friendship and not war. 

Omondi did write a formal letter of apology, and it was revealed that his actions were motivated by his need for money. 

"He acknowledged that indeed he is a man. He regrets what happened, apologised and said he was only doing that because he had financial difficulties and thought winning the title will help him overcome." (BBC)

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