Man refused entry into a pub because he is too old

Man refused entry into a pub because he is too old

A 76-year-old man from England decided to visit a pub but was refused entry by the bouncer for being too old.

Selective focus of a man holding a beer bottle
Selective focus of a man holding a beer bottle/Pexels

It is common for younger people to get that itch to want to visit a pub or club.

And most of the time they are stopped at the door for looking too young.

But very, very rarely have we heard of stories where people are stopped at the door for being too old to enter...

A 76-year-old man decided to visit a pub in Liverpool last month not only to get away from the rain, but also to grab a pint of beer. 

Sadly, his plans didn't go as he had hoped when the bouncer refused him entry. 

He told LadBible that the bouncer had told him he was "too old" to come in. Now we have heard about age restrictions, but that usually occurs with a minimum age of entry, not a maximum age...

Mr Anthony Severs was left feeling shocked and certainly embarrassed considering the bar is near his home and he has been drinking for around 60 years - and has never experienced anything like this. 

He felt discriminated against by what happened and brought it up with his daughter, who suggested he speak to the pub themselves. 

When he reached out to them, they initially said that he would have to take up the matter with the external security company where the bouncer worked. 

Sounds like they were excluding themselves from taking responsibility? 

But the team at the Irish pub, McCooley's, responded to LadBible in a statement. They apologised about what had happened. 

They shared that there was a miscommunication with the bouncer and him not gaining entrance to the pub had nothing to do with his age. 

The statement shared on LadBible said: "As a bar and restaurant venue which specialises in live music and sporting events, we pride ourselves on creating a fun, vibrant and all-inclusive environment at McCooley’s, and so we are really saddened to hear that Mr Severs has been left feeling upset, and thank him for bringing this situation to our attention." 

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