Man uses hair as rope swing in real-life Rapunzel moment

Man uses hair as rope swing in real-life Rapunzel moment

A man in China has wowed the public with his ability to use his hair as a rope swing. 

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Did you know that your hair can carry not only your full body weight but that of a grown elephant as well? 

The tensile strength of a full head of hair is remarkable: one strand can carry up to 100 grams, meaning a full head could carry up to 8,400 kilograms. 

Rapunzel's Mother Gothel was clearly onto something. And now a man in China's Changyuan County is also testing the strength of his hair by using it as a rope swing!

The unnamed man was filmed flaunting his 1,3 metre-long hair, brushing it and flipping it as if auditioning to front a shampoo campaign. But before you can wrap your head around how long and silky his mane is, the man shows that his hair is good for more than just fashion. 

Tying it into a long braid and then using some rope to connect his hair to the branch of a tree, the man uses his hair as a rope swing. He goes back and forth and even stretches his arms out in the style of someone pulling off a circus trick, apparently feeling no pain at all.

This is a party trick that is sure to please any keen crowd. But, given the technique needed to properly hang yourself up by your hair without injury, this move is perhaps best left to professionals.

Image: New York Post video

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