Mother lives on noodles so her baby can wear designer clothes

Mother lives on noodles so her baby can wear designer clothes

She uses her government grant to buy designer clothes for her seven-month-old. 

A Louis Vuitton baby collection
A Louis Vuitton baby collection/Facebook/@BarbieJai

Becoming a parent and not being able to afford having a kid is something of a given for most parents. 

Because even when you are earning money, kids are super expensive and have a way of making you feel like you are always broke. 

So, having your priorities in order is sort of a given when you are a parent. Meaning you have to ensure that they are fed, clothed, and healthy. 

But for this mother, it is all about making sure her baby is living that soft life.

Carissa Spark, a mother from Dorset, Southwest England, lives on her government grant of $180 (R3,300) week. 

Instead of using the money for rent and food, she uses her money on designer clothes for her seven-month-old baby girl. 

"She admitted that her priorities lie in dressing her daughter, Lavinia, to the nines rather than buying groceries for herself. Half of her income is spent on baby designer clothes, and she survives off of canned soup and instant noodles in order to provide the 'best' for her child." (Daily Mail)

Talk about having your priorities in order...

As much as the mother is left with bare minimum when it comes to her needs, she seems to be coming from a place of love. 


"The mum also revealed that her desire to dress her baby in Dior stems from her strained relationship with her own mother. 'I'm hoping that when I look back at photos with her, she can see how much effort went in and she can see how loved she was,' Carissa said." (Daily Mail)

As much as many people have come down hard on Carissa's parenting, it seems she is simply trying to heal her inner child. 

"When I put the things I buy on her, I sort of get emotional over how nice it is. I like to feel that way. For me, it makes everything worth it." (Daily Mail)

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