Freelance artist displays his artwork at museum without permission

Freelance artist displays his artwork at museum without permission

A museum worker who is also a freelance artist took things a bit too far when he displayed his artwork at Pinakothek der Moderne Art Museum...

A man looking at art in a gallery
A man looking at art in a gallery/iStock/@shironosov

You won't always get a chance to shoot your shot, so most 'go-getters' will do anything they can to achieve their goals. 

In this case, a freelance artist in the technical department at the Pinakothek der Moderne Art Museum in Munich, Germany was behind a 'ballsy' move that eventually got him sacked. 

Working in the technical department gave the unnamed artist access to the museum. He decided to hang up his artwork next to acclaimed painters from around the world. 

To be clear, he did not get permission to hang up his artwork, which made his actions illegal. 

"It is unclear how long the paintings were up for between someone noticed that they weren’t supposed to be there, but according to a museum spokesperson, they couldn’t have been up for too long because “supervisors usually notice something like that immediately”. (Oddity Central)

It is assumed that the freelance artist aka museum worker did this with the hope that the museum would recognise his talent and commission work from him. 

The German authorities are still investigating the incident but reports revealed that the man did lose his job and is banned from the museum. 

There was no further information about the man's artwork, like his style and quality of work. 

According to Oddity Central, "Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne Museum is famous for modernist treasures by artists like Pablo Picasso, Franz Marc, and Oskar Schlemmer, among many others, so one can’t blame the freelance artist for wanting to be in their company, even for a few days." 

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Image Courtesy of iStock/@shironosov


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