This one is for all the stroller-pushing parents

This one is for all the stroller-pushing parents

Cullan Andrews, a South African content creator, reminds us why people who don't have to walk around with strollers are lucky...

A guy pushes a stroller in his house
A guy pushes a stroller in his house/TikTok Screenshot/@lil.cully

We love how some content creators can take us back to basics. One in particular is Cullen Andrews, who focuses a lot of his content on comedy. 

He did a video in May 2024 that racked up over 6.1-million views. 

The video starts with Andrews addressing people going through a hard time. It feels like that could be most people in South Africa and the world. 

Watch as he flips the script on stroller-pushing parents - courtesy of TikTok

Just so you know, this video contains profanity and may be offensive to sensitive viewers. 

@lil.cully And its people your own age🫢🤣 #lilcully #comedy #dualincomenokids #dinks ♬ original sound - Cullan Andrews🌻

His confidence and the truth behind his words make it more funny. 

The truth is a parent with a stroller has to cart that around as luggage, even when they are going out for dinner. It is tedious but necessary, as most parents will tell you they need their stroller to leave home. 

It would be a different conversation if you were pushing around an adult-sized stroller. You know, for in-between shopping trips, shopping can get tiring. If you know, then you know...

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