PimEyes uses AI tech to find any pic of you online

PimEyes uses AI tech to find any pic of you online

People are saying that this is the most disturbing website on the internet. 

Person using a MacBook pro searching online
Person using a MacBook pro searching online/Pexels

When social media first graced us with its presence, there were those that got caught by the bug and began posting everything online. 

From baby pictures to social gatherings, the internet was flooded with pictures of people. 

Then after a few years, you look back at your profile and wonder, "What was I thinking?". 

And now, as expected, there is a website that uses artificial intelligence to locate any picture of you that is online. 

"Despite such technological advances, there will always be an argument for giving us more information than we actually need, such as image search site PimEyes, which uses AI to identify any other pictures of you that are online. It has been dubbed 'the most disturbing AI website on the internet'." (LadBible)

We're not sure how accurate it is, but people who have used it are saying that it is not 100%. 

"But it's worth mentioning that when a colleague of mine tried out the site, they said: "It's perhaps better at finding your doppelgangers than it is at tracking down every picture of you on the internet, but it is incredibly fast." (LadBible)

The scary part of it all is that many people are sharing their stories about using the website and finding some unwelcome truths.  


One woman shared that after she uploaded her image to PimEyes, it took her to a trafficked image of her online. 

So, as much as it was a fun way of locating images of yourself online, it has also presented itself as a total invasion of privacy. 

Not to mention a scary reality as to the whereabouts of your images. This could be used as a means to locate sites that copy people's images for trafficking purposes or unauthorised sexual content. 

A way for the authorities to track down site owners or a lead in that direction. 

But as they say, AI comes with its pros and cons, and it is up to you to figure out which one is worth more. 

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