The poop artist who uses cow manure to paint

The poop artist who uses cow manure to paint

But get this, his art doesn't stink at all...

Man scoops cow poop from cow
Man scoops cow poop from cow/Facebook/@RipleysBelieveItorNot

When you are an artist, sometimes it pays to do something out of the ordinary to get noticed. 

One artist who has definitely done that is Werner Härtl; a German artist who has created a niche for himself that has left many shocked. 

"He is currently the only known artist who uses diluted cow dung to create sepia-style paintings." (Oddity Central)

In 2012, he experimented with cow dung (poop) whilst working as an agricultural worker. 

"He packed some manure into a canister and used water to dilute it in order to obtain different sepia tones. These days, he prefers to get the ‘paint’ directly from the source, placing the canister just under the cow’s rectum as it poops." (Oddity Central)

He has quickly become known as the poop artist, but promotes his speciality art proudly and isn't ashamed to show people how he gets his main ingredient. 


Werner Härtl uses his village as inspiration for his art. 

"Cows are his favourite subjects, but his paintings also depict tractors and other agricultural machinery, fertile fields, village houses, and even self-portraits." (Oddity Central)

He explained his painting process and how he manages to get the varied shades in his artwork.

WATCH the video below, although he is speaking in German, it shows his process. Courtesy of Facebook

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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