Check out the digital dress that brings fabric to life

Check out the digital dress that brings fabric to life

This sounds like the ultimate party dress...

Woman wearing a dress that changes design
Woman wearing a dress that changes design/Facebook Screenshot/@jiggymkd

If you're a fashion-forward type of person, then you will agree that repurposing an outfit, especially a dress, can be difficult. 

Not to say that we don't do it, but once you have worn something once, it can be quite tricky to reinvent it for another event. 

But Adobe, an American Multinational computer software company, and research scientist Christiane Dierk have created the ultimate party dress. 

They created an animated, shapeshifting dress that is also interactive and can change its design and style almost every second. 

"Christine Dierk led the unveiling where she shocked the audience as at a click of a button her interactive dress covered in scales began to shift its patterns almost continuously and at her command." (Design Boom)

Watch the dress in action, courtesy of Facebook


"Project Primrose’s premise is to make a wearable, adaptable, and flexible dress made with non-emissive textiles where content creators and designers can flash their designs and creations onto the interactive dress as if it were their canvas." (Design Boom)

Ah, the light side of technology and fashion. A smart fix for those looking for one dress for more than one occasion. 

What's even cooler to note is that the users will be able to display content on the dress that has been created on Adobe products. 

Can you even imagine? Essentially you could present ideas in the boardroom with just your dress...

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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