Quick thinking employee stops thief at retail store

Quick thinking employee stops thief at retail store

This is what happens when people work together to stop crime...

Workers at a SPAR store run to stop a thief
Workers at a SPAR store run to stop a thief/TikTok Screenshot/@kurtopp

We cannot say that we enjoy coming across these videos, but it is part of a reality that exists all over the world. 

Crime. It is inevitable that this is a part of life, regardless of where you live in the world. 

It's just the varying levels and types of crime that differ. 

In this case, it was a thief who took his chance to steal from a customer at what is allegedly a SPAR store in Parow, Cape Town. 

In the CCTV footage, we see the exit area of the store. We also see two employees, we believe them to be employees as one wipes down the baskets and the other takes a basket trolley. 

As the person turns to proceed into the store, we see him react instantaneously by extending his leg out to trip someone running towards the door. 

It all happens so quickly. 

But from the looks of it, it seems a thief tried stealing from a customer and was making his getaway and didn't expect people to gather and stop him. 

WATCH what happened below, courtesy of TikTok

@kurtopp Happened at spar in parow robbed someone in store #crimestories #cctvcamera ♬ Kilimanjaro (feat. Justin99, Mema_Percent & Mr JazziQ) - Pcee & S'gija Disciples & Zan'Ten


We really loved how everyone worked together to capture the criminal. 

The man and the lady who was by the baskets instinctively ran for him, standing up for their community. 

And the person at the door, who we assume was a security guard, closed the door just in case. 

It was definitely a 'win' video that we needed to see when it comes to crime videos. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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