A raw chicken experiment waiting to go wrong

A raw chicken experiment waiting to go wrong

A man who is not afraid of clucking his way to the doctors...

Man with curly black hair eating raw chicken
Man with curly black hair eating raw chicken/Instagram Screenshot/@rawchickenexperiment

Are you the type of person who would do something (even if it wasn't ideal) just to prove someone wrong?

Well, one man by the name of John has set himself a mission and it's got to do with chicken. 

He has gone viral on social media for conducting the Raw Chicken Experiment. He devours raw chicken daily on a mission to find out what it will do to his body. 

Each day he films himself eating raw chicken paired with different sides and seasoning. 

He plans to consume raw chicken every day until he gets sick. That's one way to ensure you get sick! Well, in our opinion, anyway. Eating raw meat in any form isn't ideal. 

Besides the obvious, which is food poisoning, there are a host of other illnesses that may come to the surface. 

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raw chicken can be "contaminated with Campylobacter, Salmonella, or Clostridium perfringens germs" and can cause "foodborne illnesses." An estimated 1 million people get sick every year from eating "contaminated poultry," per the CDC." (People)

John started his raw chicken experiment in January and addresses his 'chicken gang' fan base daily in his videos. 

Watch him on Day Six as he eats raw chicken and chugs down a jar of raw eggs. 

Courtesy of Instagram, click here to watch him. 

Unfortunately, he has a number of restrictions on his account from Instagram and cannot like, comment or engage with his fan base. We think that this has also stopped us from embedding the video here. 

"I am getting organic local farm stuff which may give me a better shot," he says. "I decided to make the [Instagram] page and do it in a sort of funny way, because that’s the type of content I would want to see myself. I had to step up to the plate." (People)

He has received many warnings on social media, but he persists on his journey. 

"As a Chef, I'm just gonna say you're playing Russian Roulette with your life. Two of the biggest killers Campylobacter and Salmonella are a high risk here. Especially from undercooked/raw Chicken. This isn't a science experiment... This is just plain stupidity. The numbers of Hospitalisations and Deaths are factual, not fiction. Just because you've avoided non-contaminated chicken yet, doesn't mean you're immune. These bacteria can also lie dormant for days or weeks before taking any serious effect. Please stop this madness just for views and follows, your life is worth so much more not to lose it over stupidity. If you did get either one of those deadly food poisoning viruses, you're as good as dead due to the quantity you consume." (Instagram)

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