A restaurant that offers drinks and cocktails in IV drips

A restaurant that offers drinks and cocktails in IV drips

What will they do next?

IV Drips filled with alcoholic drinks
IV Drips filled with alcoholic drinks/Instagram Screenshot/@radii_media

An Asian restaurant that was featured on an Instagram page that shares content on modern Chinese culture showed something extreme when it comes to the vessels they serve alcohol in.

The video shows patrons at a barbeque restaurant rolling their IV drips to their tables. 

At first glance, it looks like the young man rolling the drip is ill. But we realise through the caption that in fact the man is carting around alcohol in the IV drip. 

Patrons can decide how much alcohol they would like to mix with their soda. 

People shared their mixed reactions around the video, with some saying that it's weird, while others shared how they would never find this appealing and one person said it was triggering as she was a cancer survivor. 

We have heard of IV bars where people visit places to get their share of vitamins, but not alcoholic drips. 

Take a look at the restaurant, courtesy of Instagram


Would this be something you or your friends would engage in?

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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