Schoolboy misses being hit by a taxi

Schoolboy misses being hit by a taxi

It's like they taught us in pre-school: always look left, right and then left again...

A school boy stands in the middle of the road
A school boy stands in the middle of the road/Instagram Screenshot/@danielmarven_

Teaching your kids about road safety is an ongoing task because new things happen on the road every day that can put them at risk. 

It is more about reiterating how to stay safe on the road, which helps condition their minds about road safety. Many school kids could improve at practising road safety, especially on busy streets. 

Which is why sharing this shocking video is so important. Your entire life can change in a split second or less based on the precautions you take as a pedestrian. 

Watch what happens when this school boy starts to run across a street without practising looking left and right. 

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Of course, we get it; sometimes you are rushing, having to catch another bus or a taxi after your bus ride, but you won't have a life to rush back to you if you don't take a moment to be careful. 

As parents, it is vital to remind your kids that they should always be mindful of vehicles around them, regardless of how busy the roads are. 

As important as looking left and right when crossing the road is, practising being a good pedestrian is also essential. Some scholars have a habit of sitting on the sidewalk or pavement and extending their legs onto the road without considering the drivers, which is another aspect of road safety that is not covered enough. 

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