Scientists believe they know why your hair turns grey

Scientists believe they know why your hair turns grey

And here we thought it was due to stress...

Woman with gray hair posing
Woman with gray hair posing/Pexels

It's all good to go about your business wearing your hair naturally. If anything, it speaks volumes about your character. 

But not everyone is comfortable doing that. 

Media has glamourised tinting your hair and hiding your grey hair to the point where some people have even damaged their hair trying to cover up the greys. 

US Scientists have now revealed what they believe to be the reason people go grey. 

"The team from New York University said the greying process was down to pigment-making cells losing their ability to mature and maintain colour. They say the work could provide a basis for reversing hair becoming grey." (Instagram)

According to BBC News, this is not the first time that scientists have said that reversing hair becoming grey is possible. Things like poor nutrition, stress, and genetics have all been noted as possible contributing factors to people going grey. 

We guess it is all a matter of being proactive, eating healthy, living mindfully without stress. If all that fails, wear it naturally and walk with confidence. 

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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