Steve Carell's biggest fan hit him with a car

Steve Carell's biggest fan hit him with a car

Hollywood funnyman Steve Carell was hit by a car by one of his very enthusiastic fans. 

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Hollywood actor Steve Carell is known for taking any moment and turning into a stellar comedic performance. So, when he told Ellen DeGeneres about the time he was nearly run off the road by a fan, of course it was the funniest story of the day. 

Carell was out cycling, as he usually does, and did not expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. Then, just as he made a turn, he was hit by a car that came driving up behind him. He rolled over his bike's handlebars and landed on the ground. But he was quick to assure everyone that he was okay.

Carell described how he was able to pick himself up and begin looking for his bike, which had become stuck under the driver's car. The driver immediately got out of her car and was distraught at having hit a man. At first, Carell says, the woman did not recognise the actor. But once she did, she exclaimed "Oh, my God! It's Steve Carell!"

Carell told DeGeneres the woman seemed excited to have hit him: "It was really kind of a fun experience, like a fun fan encounter."

Fortunately Carell was not badly hurt but DeGeneres, good friend that she is, gifted Carell with a reflective vest and a helmet decked out with flashing lights and a flag. Now there's no way anyone using the road can miss him. Thank you, Ellen DeGeneres! 

Image: EllenTube

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