This tattoo could save you hours in the gym...

This tattoo could save you hours in the gym...

That's one or shall we say six ways of looking at your body...

Man with six-pack tattoo on his abdomen
Man with six-pack tattoo on his abdomen/Instagram Screenshot/@dean.gunther

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We're definitely fans of tattoos. For us they are symbols that signify something important that you've been through. 

Sometimes it is a reminder of how to live, and other times it is just an ugly reminder of a silly decision we didn't quite think through. 

But for the most part, it should be something that holds importance to you. That, of course, is definitely subjective. 

For this man, it was important for him to feel confident in his unique physique. 

And for him that equated to having a six pack or in other words, a sculpted mid-section (abdominal). 

Now this is something that takes a lot of hard work. It takes a change in lifestyle, eating, and exercising. But this gentleman found a loophole...

According to tattoo artist Dean Gunther, a client who chose to go unnamed challenged him to tattoo a sculpted six-pack on his stomach. 

Gunther specialises in realistic tattoos and had seen a similar tattoo done in the past - but it did not come out great. 

According to Gunther, the man who requested the ab tattoo wanted a faster way of getting sculpted abs. 

"Surely two days only would not have been enough to achieve such a result, even if in the end the abs are only drawn and not real..." (MSN)

Definitely the fastest way of getting your body beach ready...

Below was the video from Dean Gunther's IG page:

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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