Teenager pranks dad: "What's your DOB?"

Teenager pranks dad: "What's your DOB?"

This has got to be every father's reaction when they believe their kids are not receiving basic knowledge in schools. 

A teenager standing in the kitchen while father eats at the island
A teenager standing in the kitchen while father eats at the island/TikTok Screenshot/@itsgoneviral

A teenager playing a prank on their father isn't an unusual occurrence. Although, we have to say that this dad fell hook, line, and sinker when his teenage daughter tried to pull a fast one. 

In a video that was shared to the 'It's Gone Viral' TikTok page, we see a teenage girl approaching her parents, who are in the kitchen with a dilemma. 

She explains that she has a job for the weekend and a person named Phil keeps asking her for her DOB. 

We are not sure if her mother was in on the prank, but she repeats 'DOB' as if she is just as confused by the acronym. 

Her father, who is quietly sitting at the kitchen island eating something, eventually cannot help but engage in the conversation. He tries to help her by explaining what DOB stands for, but the young girl just goes deeper and deeper into oblivion... or so he thought. 

Watch how her father took it. Courtesy of TikTok

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