These drones are the future of crime fighting

These drones are the future of crime fighting

That's one up for the fight against criminals...

Gray and green quadcopter drone on the ground
Gray and green quadcopter drone on the ground/Pexels

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Using drones to combat criminal activities is fast becoming the future - and we have to say that it feels quite surreal seeing tech being used in this active way. 

"A Stellenbosch-based start-up is making thermal imaging equipped drones that can take off, follow a mission path, and land automatically. That's bad news for criminals." (Business Insider)

Talk about being proudly South African. 

But get this, it's kind of something that we are just getting onto the bandwagon with. In Dubai, police drones are used to respond to criminal and traffic reports. 

And 1,000+ police departments use drones in the United States, which says a lot about the future of addressing criminal activity. 

"Drones are also being used to fight crime in South Africa. The country's rail, port, and pipeline company, Transnet, is using drones to keep a bird's eye view of its assets. The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) is also experimenting with drones in a bid to combat rampant cable theft." (Business Insider)

Conzer Aeronautics drones are assembled in Stellenbosch, with software that allows for autonomous flight. An operator is still required. Paired with a laptop; the drone can fly itself if a flight path is loaded. 

The software also allows the drone to work on suspicious behaviour and target the area. This drone is also being tested in game reserves to combat poaching. 

This is what the future of dealing with crime looks like...

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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