SA TikToker jokes about 24/7 traffic lights that aren't working

SA TikToker jokes about 24/7 traffic lights that aren't working

Ah, don't you just love how we can see the funny in everything?

A traffic light that is not working
A traffic light that is not working/TikTok Screenshot/@sirlordbender

We know that there are things in South Africa that aren't quite running smoothly. Service delivery is a thing that some people don't care about and others care too much about. 

In the bigger scheme of things, most South Africans can laugh about the things that we have to deal with on the daily. 

Things like water outages, electrical faults, sewerage leaks, and traffic lights that don't work. 

One South African was happy to share the irony in things not only made us chuckle, but also made a good point about the promise of advertising and how this can somehow let you down. 

In the video, we see a large corner street billboard at a busy intersection. The board reads 24/7 traffic lights and does have something else on it, but we cannot read it.  

The TikToker zooms in to show us the billboard and then pans over to the traffic lights in front of him that are clearly not working. 

Take a look a the video below, courtesy of TikTok

Please note that the video contains profanity and is not for sensitive viewers. 

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People were quick to comment, with many of them joining in the fun and jokingly saying that they don't know what traffic lights are... robots. 

  • "In my opinion traffic lights in South Africa just add atmosphere"
  • "It didn't say 24/7 robots, that's why"
  • "What’s a traffic light? I’m South African. Don’t know what those are."
  • "Maybe they meant they will be there 24/7"
  • "They did not say they will be working... They just said they have traffic lights 24/7"
  • "To be fair, it does not say "24/7 working traffic lights". The board ain't wrong - The traffic lights are there 24/7, just not operational" 

On that note though, if you find a traffic light aka robot not working in the City of Johannesburg, you can report it to Joburg Connect on 0860 562 874.

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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