Toupees are giving men back their confidence

Toupees are giving men back their confidence

The transformations are incredible, it supports the mindset that when your hair is done, it really does make all the difference. 

Man with bald head sits on a salon chair
Man with bald head sits on a salon chair/TikTok Screenshot/@legohugs

The toupee. A balding man's best friend.

As peak health and beauty has become something that both men and women aspire to, the rise in the use of toupee's has increased. 

We saw a man even using 'hair' to create a fuller beard, which is also somewhat of a beauty statement. The thicker the beard, the more manly the man...

It's like a woman with thick head hair. We can only describe it as something of a crown. 

One woman who is changing the way bald men feel, shares one of her favourite transformations. She applies toupees professionally for men who are balding. 

And we have to say that this transformation really shook us, in a good way. 

WATCH what happens below, courtesy of TikTok.


Another one of my absolute favs

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Some people doubt the longevity of the glued toupee, so she did this video to show them. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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