Tourist fakes being kidnapped to extort money from his family

Tourist fakes being kidnapped to extort money from his family

An Englishman who ran out of funds during his holiday found a sneaky way of trying to get money from his family back home. 

Person has their hands in handcuffs
Person has their hands in handcuffs/Pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko

We can agree that being on holiday is something we all wish was a permanent way of life. 

But in reality, that's not possible. And if you are honest with yourself, you will realise that holidays are great because they are spent over a limited time frame. There's a beginning and an end, it's not forever. 

One man wanted an extension on his holiday and when he ran out of funds, he took extreme measures. 

"A 48-year-old English man vacationing in Pattaya, Thailand, ran out of money and tried extorting more from his family back home by having his mates pose as his kidnappers." (Oddity Central)

Sounds like something you would hear in a crazy movie plot. 

Ian Robbie Day was enjoying the party life in Thailand's party capital, Pattaya. But after extending his vacation more than once and asking his family for more money, he found himself at square one. 

"His family refused to fund his non-stop partying anymore, so he was forced to make a decision – either end his Thai vacation and return home, or find a way to get his hands on more money." (Oddity Central)

We're certain he has watched one or two thriller movies and came up with a distraught idea. He asked his friends to beat him up and then he faked a kidnapping, asking his family to pay a ransom. 

His friends took it a step further after beating him up, they also posed as kidnappers. The photos were sent to his family. 

Of course, his family were panicked and contacted the authorities. The police managed to track him down but when they found him, he was not restrained but rather partying it up with friends in the hotel. 

“The guy chatted in iMessage and FaceTime with his relatives in the UK,” Police Lieutenant Colonel Sorasak Saengcha told journalists. “He sent pictures of himself being attacked, and then after with injuries, he took pictures of himself looking like he had been beaten up." (Oddity Central)

He did all of this in aid of getting more cash and extorting his family so he could party. The nerve!

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