WATCH: Truck driver backs himself into disastrous corner

WATCH: Truck driver backs himself into disastrous corner

This driver got into a tail spin and couldn't get out...

Horse and trailer stuck
Horse and trailer stuck/TikTok Screenshot/@edzy103

Driving a regular vehicle can be tricky, but getting a code 14 license takes patience and skill. 

The skill to manoeuvre a vehicle that is over 16,000kg, with a trailer over 750kg is no easy feat. 

Next time you see a truck driver, pass on some respect and be nice...

This truck driver though may need some more lessons. A video shows a truck driver that is trying to make a turn and got himself into a horrible position. 

The driver managed to jackknife the truck and happened to be hauling liquor. 

As the person taking the video tries to backseat drive, we notice some of the crates of alcohol shatter on the road. 

Then things get worse as the driver tries to get out of the bind, and the trailer ends up jolting and dropping the rest of the crates of alcohol. 

We hope that the merchandise was insured...


WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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