WATCH: Beginner English teacher shares her meets with guys on Omegle

WATCH: Beginner English teacher shares her meets with guys on Omegle

This guy has got some lines...

Two people chat over online chat website
Two people chat over online chat website/TikTok Screenshot/@myname.nw

There's nothing like watching a good romantic movie and thoroughly getting butterflies over the 'meet cute'. 

As if you were living vicariously through the characters. 

But what's even better is when you see a real-life meet cute and it makes you smile. Proving that on some level meet cutes stemmed from reality and aren't just something scripted for the sake of views. 

Now, this meet was over the app Omegle. If you haven't heard about it, it is an online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without needing to register. 

This young lady uses it to practice her English and so it was quite interesting for us to see how language isn't a barrier when it comes to flirting...

Watch the meet that we thought was super adorable. Courtesy of TikTok

@myname.nw He seems so fk sweet bro that makes him attractive #english #ບ້າໄປເລີະ ♬ Ice On My Baby Sped Up - Chillos

We love how they both just made assumptions as to where the other was from based on their looks. 

Anyway, here comes the disappointing part. After watching this cute encounter, we took a look at her account, and she teaches English to beginners, but wait there's more. 

She has other meet cute moments with other guys on Omegle and she has documented them on her TikTok. 

Check out this one, courtesy of TikTok

@myname.nw The way he immediately changed the topic😭 #english ♬ Melbourne - Morvasu

P.S Not us thinking that her content could literally be turned into a movie...

As much as we are disappointed at the fact that it didn't end in a happy way with they meeting in person, we are intrigued by her meetups. 

Check out this one, which we think ended badly. But it also proved to us that we shouldn't walk into situations judging people from parts of the world that we don't know much about. It is not just racist but disrespectful. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@myname.nw It when from 🤣☺️🤨😟 #english ♬ I Love You So - The Walters

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