WATCH: This gift left the poor woman puzzled

WATCH: This gift left the poor woman puzzled

When someone says they don't like puzzles, how do you respond?

Elderly lady unwrapping a gift
Elderly lady unwrapping a gift/Twitter Screenshot/@JLFphoto

Gifting is one thing that is definitely personalised and we love the look of surprise that comes with unwrapping a gift. 

Especially when it is someone we love...

This video shows a person wrapping a box of an iPAD placed inside a puzzle box. 

Sounds intriguing...

Well, it was a bit of a prank and we have to say this woman got caught out big time. 

If this were to happen to us, we have to admit it would by no means be acceptable. 

Like, at all!

It seems she is not a fan of puzzles, so it made sense to trick her into thinking she was getting one...

And then see her reaction when they double back with another trick and...

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WATCH the video below, courtesy of Twitter.

Image Courtesy of Twitter

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