WATCH: Remains of 'vampire woman' found nailed to the ground in Poland

WATCH: Remains of 'vampire woman' found nailed to the ground in Poland

The remains were discovered during an archaeological dig in a 17th-century cemetery in Pien Village, Poland. 

Exposed grave with skeletal remains
Exposed grave with skeletal remains/YouTube Screenshot/@WonderWorld

It never ceases to amaze us when we hear that something that we have always believed to be fictional comes to life. 

Because at some point or the other, these things that seem mythical and completely 'out there' could've very well existed. After all, anything is possible. 

Hence, we were not knocked off our chairs when we heard about a vampire discovery in Poland. 

The remains of the so called 'vampire' was discovered during an archaeological dig in a 17th-century cemetery in Pien Village. 

'It is in their opinion that the remains were found "nailed to the ground with a scythe on her throat to prevent her from returning from the dead."' (MSN)

Professor Dariusz Poliński of Nicholas Copernicus University in the nearby city of Torun was the lead on the dig and said: "Ways to protect oneself from the return of the dead include cutting off the head or legs, positioning the deceased face down to bite the ground, burning him and smashing him with a stone. The scythe was not lying down but resting on the neck in such a way that if the deceased tried to get up most likely the head would be severed or injured."


One of the theories surrounding the undead dating back to the 11th century include fears that they would come back to the "surface with claws like blood-sucking monsters and terrorise the living." (MSN)

A bit too 'The Walking Dead' for us.

Check out the image in the video below, courtesy of YouTube

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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