WATCH: Social media is a scripted reality for many people...

WATCH: Social media is a scripted reality for many people...

Certainly not something that we are unfamiliar with, but a very vivid way of looking at the ruse that people create online...

Person holding smartphone taking picture of bridge
Person holding smartphone taking picture of bridge/Pexels

Have you ever heard someone pass around the view that people who overshare on social media are actually not living the life they post about? 

Not to paint everyone with the same brush, because we are sure that not everyone who posts does this.

But there is clearly a shift between what is real and what is posed. 

In this video that we came across on TikTok, we see the overlay text reading, "Insta VS Reality - Bali". 

Now we know Bali to be this very tropical, very exotic place to visit. And with mainstream media, we have attained an image of the way Bali looks. 

However, like most forms of entertainment, we rarely see the entire picture of what a place looks like. 

What social media users do is paint a picture for us. They decide what we see and how we see it. 

Think about places that have been advertised online and only show you the prime views... No place is going to give the full truth if they want to make a buck out of you.


To put you more in the loop, check out this short but very illustrative video of what is posted on Instagram or TikTok versus what it looks like in reality. 

The moral of the story is that you shouldn't always be fooled by what you see on social media. It is the modern day version of airbrushing. 

Courtesy of TikTok. 

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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