WATCH: When you try to help a stranger and it ends horribly

WATCH: When you try to help a stranger and it ends horribly

A person videos a fellow patron in the parking lot who is trying to make space for his purchase. The purchase looks like a TV, and it starts rolling away on the trolley. The person videoing tries to catch up to it and it eventually falls over.

Yellow background graphic with words OOPS
Yellow background graphic with words OOPS/JacarandaFM

Naturally, when you see someone needs help, there's this instinctive urge to help. 

But sometimes, yes, sometimes it's best to just stand back and help from afar. 

Because things can take a turn for the worst, and you could end up in a little bit of a bind. Whether or not that is your philosophy when it comes to helping out strangers, after watching this you may end up there.

Of course not all stranger interactions end in disaster, but this one left us wanting to tip toe away or even borrow Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. 

A video shows a man trying to rearrange things in his car so he can load his new device, just purchased at a Best Buy store. 

It is from the perspective of another person parked in the lot, seated inside their vehicle. Then we see the device, which looks a lot like a television, on the trolley rolling away...

We almost want to cue the music from 'Jaws'... because somehow when we see the man videoing jumping out of his car, we know things aren't going to be okay.

The inevitable happened. 

Watch the video below. Courtesy of Instagram

The funniest comment for us was when someone said: "Maybe they should of put the phone down for a sec? 🤷🏽‍♂️" (Instagram)

And that is just a true indicator that content overrules protecting a stranger's goods...

Just saying!

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