What income would make you happy?

What income would make you happy?

South Africa ranks 91st on the World Happiness Report...

Bank notes from South Africa
Bank notes from South Africa/Pexels

It is not a welcomed sort of surprise when you see the price of everything rise. Especially sad when your income is not one of those things. 

But it has become the reality for many people around the world. And it has prompted the question as to how much money is enough when it comes to attaining happiness. Most specifically for South Africans. 

Surprisingly it is not more money that translates into happiness... Yes, we were also shook after hearing this. 

"The latest World Happiness Report (WHR) for 2022 from the United Nations showed that the study of happiness is growing, with more research being done globally, including in South Africa. However, attention to income and GDP as metrics to gauge the quality of life or happiness has been appearing far less." (Business Tech)

With South Africa ranking 91 of the 146 countries included. Harmony for many countries in Africa (in close proximity with South Africa) comes in the "absence of conflict and a functional economy". 

We feel it is important to note that the "top five countries on the list – Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Netherlands – are wealthy Nordic countries with thriving economies backed by social benefits." (Business Tech)

As much as not everyone equates happiness with money, it isn't unwelcome. Considering that many people in South Africa are dealing with unemployment, pay cuts, and the lack of employment.

So it is difficult to put a number on happiness in our country, considering the subjective nature of what makes a South African happy. 


"The latest salary data from the BankservAfrica Take-home Pay Index shows that the average salary paid to employees in South Africa slipped to R14,340 (R172,080 annually) in July. While working, the average monthly earnings paid to employees in the formal non-agricultural sector was around R23,500 (R282,000 annually)." (Business Tech)

Which leads us to question...

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