What is 'Quit-Tok' and would you do it?

What is 'Quit-Tok' and would you do it?

People who participated in the viral trend of quitting their jobs online are having regrets...

A yellow notepad on a keyboard that reads I Quit
A yellow notepad on a keyboard that reads I Quit/Unsplash/@Nick Fewings

First we heard about quiet quitting, then loud quitting, and now we have Quit-Tok. 

Quitting your job is not something everyone can do, considering most people are trying their best to get or keep their jobs. But it seems that trends have more power than we thought they had. 

"A growing number of young employees are filming their resignations live and millions of people are watching it. While many workers still formally email their managers to announce their resignation, a growing number of younger employees are choosing to quit on live video." (NDTV)

Quit-Tok, a trend that hit social media users with a hard bang, has many workers regretting their decisions after reality sets in. 

Where usually workers would want to keep their resignations private and intimate, now they have emerged wanting to bare it all in front of other social media users. It's become something of a spectacle. 

It seems those employees who were seeking some revenge were all too happy to participate in this trend. 

"While these employees might find the experience entertaining or fulfilling at the time, job experts say that those TikTokers who participated in the craze now regret it. They warn that there are serious long-term repercussions." (NDTV)

One of the pearls of wisdom that we always remember hearing about the job market is, don't leave a job on a bad note. 

"Neil Costa, the Boston-based founder and CEO of HireCli said that this behaviour "would come at a cost." "The world of work is much smaller than you'd think. As the way we look at work shifts, in terms of blurring the lines between personal and professional, it's more important than ever for employees to think through the potential long-term repercussions of posting on the internet," he said." (NDTV)

Watch how this guy sang his resignation to his employers. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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