When your dog decides to slurp their water during a meeting

When your dog decides to slurp their water during a meeting

We're sure most dog families have been through this...

Small dog sitting in front of his water bowl
Small dog sitting in front of his water bowl/Pexels/@Csegedi Joszef

Dogs drinking water is a vital part of their survival. Even though we are approaching Winter, staying hydrated is just as important for our animals as it is for us. 

In saying that, people who have been working from home have had the best of both worlds over the past few years. They were able to work from home and still enjoy their family without having to travel far. 

Even though people have transitioned back to the office since things have eased up, having to work from home exclusively during the pandemic created a different culture. 

Management and co-workers were more understanding about your pets and kids making noise in the background. But since transitioning, the belts have tightened to some degree. 

One woman who still works from home made it clear to the family that she was getting ready for an important online meeting. 

But she made the mistake of having her dog's water bowl in her office space. 

And if you have a dog, you will know that they can be quite loud water drinkers...

Watch what happened when he started drinking water and didn't stop during the meeting. Video courtesy of TikTok

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According to the popular dog food brand Purina, dogs are meant to drink around "20-70ml of water per kilo of body weight per day".

If your dog is drinking more than this on an average day, then you can find out more information here. If you are concerned, then please contact your vet. 

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