This is why you shouldn’t take a corner spot in New York

This is why you shouldn’t take a corner spot in New York

Parking in any spot comes with a set of risks. 

A truck scratches a parked vehicle
A truck scratches a parked vehicle/Instagram Screenshot/@allfails

Parking in any space, including one that is supposed to be safe, can be risky.

For one, you never really know how other drivers are going to park, and then there’s the passengers and passers-by that you must think about.

But more than that, no disrespect to truck drivers, but they are a big factor to consider when you park or drive. 

According to a video that was shared online, it’s never a good idea to park in the corner spot.

The video shows how a truck stopped at a stop street scratches a parked vehicle and even ends up shattering its windows.

Not ideal at all…

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram.


Many people shared their anger towards the person who made the time to video this happening instead of stopping it.

Others shared how this was not ideal but serves the driver right for parking in a ‘No Parking’ spot.

The thing is, we are not certain if there was someone in the vehicle who was trying to cut through and turn in the lane or not.

But we hope that no one got hurt. And more than that, as motorists we can all learn a lesson here.

Not just about parking, but also about overtaking illegally…

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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