Wife hides food from husband to avoid sharing

Wife hides food from husband to avoid sharing

Do you hide food from your other half?

A wife hides a box of donuts from her husband
A wife hides a box of donuts from her husband/TikTok Screenshot/@himandherofficial

Sharing is encouraged when you are a child and is said to be a sign of caring. 

So, if you share then you are considered a caring person. But if you're really honest about it all, no one actually likes to share. 

Especially when it comes to sharing food that you really enjoy. Or maybe that's just us, and if that's so, then please don't judge. 

We've seen videos of parents keeping the good snacks to themselves, but what about couples? 

Is there an unwritten law that you don't have to share your favourite things with your partner when you're an adult and in a relationship? 

We think there might be... but there is some fogginess when it comes to the fine print. 

A wife decided to set up a scene just to see her husband's reaction to her hiding food. 

She is seen eating donuts inside the laundry room and when he comes in, she very calmly covers the donut box up with laundry. 

He is obviously suspicious. When he finds out what she is hiding, she responds with full composure. 


WATCH what happened in her TikTok video:

@himandherofficial Fine.. I’ll share.. 😤😮‍💨 #funny #couplecomedy #marriedlife #husbandandwife ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

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