Woman buys a couch online and only receives a part of it

Woman buys a couch online and only receives a part of it

The price of buying things online comes at a high cost for some. 

Apartment with carpet and brown couch
Apartment with carpet and brown couch/Pexels

Online shopping has become something of a stock standard thing for many people nowadays. 

The ease, convenience, price, and unlimited amount of things you can purchase online make it extremely appealing. 

But as you know, it isn't always a pleasant experience when you don't receive what you order. Or worse, when what you receive isn't quite like what you thought you were ordering. 

The dilemma of facing that what you bought versus what you received feeling is anything but pleasant. 

And that's exactly what happened to this South African woman who says she purchased a cute couch from an online retailer and her experience was dismal. 

She posted about her experience saying that when the delivery day came, she was so excited, but she only received half of the couch. When she called them to ask what had happened, they informed her that there is a process they have to follow and will get back to her. 

This resulted in her having to return the half and couch and this is when things turned sour. She found out that there is no stock of the couch. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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And then, just like that, she posted part two, and let's just say things got a bit ugly. 

She was not happy with what had happened and so her complaint was escalated from customer services to customer relations. 

And long story short, she is getting the couch at the same price she paid, even though the price had in fact increased. Check out her very entertaining story below. Courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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