Imagine paying the utility bill for your whole complex?

Imagine paying the utility bill for your whole complex?

By mistake!

Woman opening American energy bill
Woman opening American energy bill/iStock/MonkeyBusinessImages

Whether you are a renter or own property, it is safe to say that receiving your monthly utility bill is anything but welcoming when you find it more than you budgeted for. 

One woman is making us believe that it's not just our home sweet home that has a failing system when it comes to billing and service. 

In a video that garnered 7.4-million views, the TikToker shared how she had been paying the utility bill for her entire building since December 2021. Sounds as bad as it appears...

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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She explained that things took a turn for the worse when her ex moved out and failed to transfer the utility bill into her name. When she tried to reach out to him, he ghosted her for 18 months!

So, the lack of communication from his side added to the saga. 

But eventually, after contacting her municipality several times, they said that she could now sign up for a new account. Their agreement to open a new account made her think that her ex closed his account, but that was far from it. 

Watch her reveal how she was paying, courtesy of TikTok

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Since she did all this over the phone, it seems the municipal person assumed that she was the owner of the property and didn't record her unit number, but opened her account as a landlord of the building. 

There are a lot of holes in the story, which she fully acknowledges, for instance, how could she be paying for the whole building without anyone else noticing?

She answered this by saying that perhaps it was a fault of the municipal side. We know that this is possible considering the fact things can go unnoticed in our municipality...

In the end, she updated everyone by saying that they told her she would get her money back but it is a lengthy process. They would have to reconcile all the monies she paid against the billing and then recharge her for her unit bill. Here's hoping she gets a rebate on her payments, which were roughly $9,600 (R182,544). 

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