Instagram 'snitches' on woman who took a screenshot

Instagram 'snitches' on woman who took a screenshot

Could the screenshot button be the downfall of the dating world? 

Woman viewing a beach photo on social media
Woman viewing a beach photo on social media/iStock/grinvalds

Using dating apps is popular among single people these days. 

Once you swipe right or tap the heart icon on someone's profile, the next inclination is to begin chatting. 

But most people move over to social media platforms. Instagram is a go-to for many people starting their journey of getting to know each other after meeting somewhere else online.

But in saying that, using DMs or Direct Messaging can get you into trouble. 

Or it did for this woman who was embarrassed to find out from the guy she was chatting to that Instagram sends notifications when someone screenshots the chats. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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The poor girl was unaware that Instagram sends notifications and was so embarrassed when the guy she was chatting to asked her why she was screenshotting their chat...

How awkward? 

"Taking a screenshot (or making a screen recording) of an Instagram story, a post, or even a reel doesn't usually notify the creator. Instagram will only notify you for a screenshot taken of a message in Vanish mode or a disappearing photo or video sent in a private DM thread." (Business Insider)


What's worse is a woman commented that Instagram notified her friend that she unfollowed her...

We don't know which one is worse?

The safest thing to do is expect the unexpected regarding social media platform updates. 

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Image Courtesy of iStock/grinvalds

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