Woman notices what grandma did after she got divorced

Woman notices what grandma did after she got divorced

Grandmas are known for their candid nature and we love it!

A folded photograph on a fridge
A folded photograph on a fridge/TikTok Screenshot/@camille.fahrnbauer

Grandmothers are the best, there's no argument about it. 

One woman proved this to us when she posted a video about what her grandmother did. After going through a divorce she visited her grandmother and discovered something interesting. 

When you hurt, it is a natural phenomenon for mothers (even grandmothers) to feel that pain.

She noticed a photograph on her grandmother's fridge that didn't quite look right. 

Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the photo was folded and only showed her with her grandparents. 

It seems her grandmother folded her ex-husband out of the pic and left it on the fridge. Savage move Grandma...But at least she didn't tear him out of the pic. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@camille.fahrnbauer grandma got savage with the scissors 😤 #divorce #divorcetiktok #husbandsoftiktok #grandma #fyp #fypシ #merrychristmas #happynewyear #alaskanairlines ♬ original sound - kidsworldfun1


  • "When my ex and I broke up one of my friends replaced his face in our Christmas card with Megan Rapinoe"
  • "She said that’s a good picture of us and we are just removing the problem"
  • "As a wedding photographer, this is why I emphasize 2 versions of the family photos - 1 with your partner & 1 with your family alone. You never know"
  • "My grandma did this with a picture of me and my husband, but we aren't separated. we ain't even got issues. idk what grandmas beef was with hi."

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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