Woman politely asks neighbour to return her garden furniture

Woman politely asks neighbour to return her garden furniture

The way she handled this was scaringly calm...

Black steel table with chair outside a house
Black steel table with chair outside a house/Pexels/@MikeBird

We haven't had one of these stories in a while and then last week we saw a woman selling her neighbour's furniture online. Not quite on the list of acceptable things you can do as a neighbour. 

A woman posted a video that got shared on the 'It's Gone Viral' TikTok page. 

In the video, we see her outside her house, standing at the fence looking over into her neighbour's yard. We know it sounds like she was in the wrong, but it was quite the opposite. 

She was peaking over the fence because she noticed that two out of her four garden chairs were in her neighbour's yard. 

Fishy, fishy...

She very politely asked her neighbour if she could have it back because, naturally, that is what happens when your neighbour steals your chairs...

Watch how well she handled this, courtesy of TikTok

@itsgoneviral Caught redhanded (@Property Couple - Lia & AK) #neighbourwars #gardenfurniture #awkward ♬ original sound - It's Gone Viral


People were shocked at her understanding and kind approach. Many of them were not shy to say what they felt:

  • "I’ve had neighbors steal my bench cushions, planters and wreaths until I put the ring doorbell"
  • "Saying can I have it back is crazy. When they see me jump that fence they’ll know what it is"
  • "My kids neighbors took all the xmas decorations and the parents just laughed and said oh they're kids...never got them back..also used the pool"
  • "My neighbours did this, took it on their back garden when I was out noticed it was in their back garden 3 days later. They said they were borrowing"
  • "She's had training in conflict resolution, and how to deal with difficult people..."  

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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