Worker involved in staged robbery at petrol station

Worker involved in staged robbery at petrol station

He was tired and wanted to leave work early so he was involved in a robbery. 

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There's not much that many workers have left to the imagination when it comes to calling in a fib to stay away from work. 

But this worker has taken things to the extreme when it comes to making a plan to leave work early. 

"A Tulsa gas station clerk is being accused of staging a robbery because he felt tired and needed an excuse to get off work early." (Oddity Central)

Isaias Jones, the petrol station clerk, called the police station to report a robbery earlier this month. He explained that whilst he was at work, a masked robber had entered with a gun and held him up for the money in the cash register. 

"Surveillance cameras confirmed the clerk’s version of the events, but the footage also helped police identify the robber, and when they managed to apprehend them, they learned that there was more to this case than they originally believed…" (Oddity Central)

It seems that Isaias had called on a friend's help when he was feeling tired and wanted to leave work early. 

We can't blame him for trying, but that's taking things a bit far. 


The robber was in fact a man named Steven Jones, no relation to Isaias, but shared a mutual friend with Isaias. 

"Apparently, a woman by the name of Alyia Locke, who turned out to be a mutual friend of the two men involved in this case, had asked Steven to rob the store, because Isaias, the clerk, was feeling tired and wanted to leave early." (Oddity Central)

It seems Isaias got more than he bargained for when Locke confirmed the story and even showed the police text messages as proof. 

A fair fate for someone who was playing dirty and could've just been open and honest in the first place. 

"Isaias Jones is currently charged with embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a felony, while Steven Jones is charged with conspiracy to commit embezzlement and possession of a firearm. Both men were released on bond, while Locke remains in the Tulsa County Jail and could face charges of embezzlement." (Oddity Central)

What's the craziest thing you have done to get out of going to work? 

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