More passion, more energy! Workers caught mid photoshoot

More passion, more energy! Workers caught mid photoshoot

What a way to get caught out! It was lighthearted and funny for the homeowners...

Two workers having a photoshoot in a pretty garden
Two workers having a photoshoot in a pretty garden/TikTok Screenshot/@dommmy101

Have you ever been stuck in an embarrassing situation?

We bet more than one person can answer 'yes' to that question. 

But nothing can beat getting caught doing something in front of your boss. Two workers recently decided to take some photos of themselves in their boss's backyard on a sunny day. 

They were happy to find different areas in the garden to pose and even had turns posing. All we were hearing was, "More Passion, more energy..." 

The below video is from TikTok

@leandrie_raper #trevornyakane #rugby #rwc2023 #dancing #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #morepassion #moreenergy #living #springboks #webellis #rwcwinners ♬ original sound - MORE ENERGY 😎

The funny part of the whole photoshoot was that the owners of the house aka their bosses, recently installed security cameras around the property. 

They saw the whole thing on their security cameras and found it quite amusing. 

Watch the video of their photoshoot on TikTok. The one lying on the grass was it for us...

@dommmy101 #SAMA28 #fyp #fypsouthafrica #tiktok ♬ original sound - Dominique Pearce

There was a mixed reaction around the TikTok video, but for the most part, people were equally as amused as the employers of the two men. 

As a way of acknowledging these two guys for their humourous nature, the bosses shared a video awarding these two employees with end-of-year awards and gifts of R500 each. 

Plus, their amateur photoshoot skills attracted some attention from professional photographers who have reached out and want to offer the two men complimentary photoshoots. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@dommmy101 Replying to @Keo Most Humourous Employee of the year 2023 goes to Mthoko and Melusi 🙋🏻‍♀️ thank you for making us smile amd allowing us to make others smile 🫶🏻 #SAMA28 #fyp #fypsouthafrica #tiktok #workphotoshoot #gardenphotoshoot ♬ original sound - Dominique Pearce

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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