World's tallest woman takes her first flight...

World's tallest woman takes her first flight...

The airline modified the plane so that she could lie on a stretcher for the plane ride...

Tall woman sitting with a young child on her lap
Tall woman sitting with a young child on her lap/Facebook/@RumeysaGelgi.Official

WATCH the tallest woman in the world take her first ever flight, courtesy of Instagram:

When it comes to world firsts, it can be something of a great achievement that comes with its own set of challenges. 

Not everything is glitz and glamour when you become a Guinness World Record holder. Yes, we are certain there is a sense of stardom, but sometimes the 'world first' part can present some limitations. 

This could be said for the 'World's Tallest Woman', Rumeysa Gelgi. 

She holds the record for the World's Tallest Woman, standing at a whopping 2.1m tall. 

Gelgi is from Karabuk in Turkey and was recently able to take her first every flight. 

As you might imagine, it cannot be easy for a person of that height to fly in planes that really don't accommodate for that length of person. 


"Turkish Airlines adapted one of their planes to allow her to travel to San Francisco in September, removing six seats and replacing them with a special stretcher for her to travel on the 13-hour flight." (Business Insider)

The 24-year-old record holder has a condition called Weaver syndrome that causes bone overgrowth, among other things. 

She posted a video in July about her experience with Turkish Airlines when it came to booking a flight and her experience with them at the time. Check it our below, courtesy of Facebook

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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