Would you go swimming in 2°C weather?

Would you go swimming in 2°C weather?

Professional kitesurfer and social media influencer Michelle Sky Hayward did - and she says it is actually very good for you...

Woman in bikini swimming in Cape Town beach/TikTok Screenshot/@michelleskyhayward

Many of us grew up believing that being out in the cold is what causes you to catch a cold or get the flu. 

But as the years have progressed, we have come to learn that it's not always the cold that causes a cold. 

There are varied factors involved, in fact, something like swimming in cold water is considered incredible for one's immunity. 

"Taking a dip in cold water or going for a bracing outdoor swim can boost mental and physical health." (BBC)

This has become something of a popular practice for many. 

One brave woman decided that the Cape Town cold was not going to stop her from what she enjoyed the most. 

Michelle Sky Hayward, a professional kitesurfer, social media influencer, and business owner shared a video on her TikTok recently.

In the video, we see her husband and baby all snuggled up inside their car, whilst she confidently wore her bikini and ran onto the ocean for a swim. 

Check out her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@michelleskyhayward I forgot how good this feels! ❄️ Would you go swimming in Cape Town, in the rain, in winter? It’s so much more exhilarating than you could ever imagine! And that shower, cup of coffee and Netflix binge feels so much better after playing in the ocean! #coldwatertherapy #coldwaterswimming #capetown #capetownsouthafrica #wimhofmethod #mentalhealthrecovery #ppdawareness #postpartumdepression ♬ original sound - Michelle Sky


Check out what people had to say about Michelle's bravery:

Nomcebo_h: "Cape Town Beaches are just for aesthetica. I'll never swim in that ice water! She is brave!" 

RG: "Not even for a million bucks🥶. This cold is unbearable. She's super human 😁" 

Shamz: "I literally got chills watching her enjoy those icey waves 😂 Not for th faint-hearted...I'm definitely of th faint-hearted 😂" 

Here For It: "I love couples that do their own thing without forcing each other to the other side"

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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