Would you use a superhero-themed toilet?

Would you use a superhero-themed toilet?

Toilet time with a superhero twist...

Black Panther toilet
Black Panther toilet/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

We have seen many crazy toilets in our time. Most recently, we saw a double toilet that allows you to enjoy toilet time with your significant other. Eeek!

But there are some home decor ideas for your bathroom that should be added to the 'No-No' list. 

And in our opinion, any toilet that features characters from any superhero movie should be banned. 

Regardless of your love for Marvel or DC superheroes, having a superhero toilet is definitely something extreme. 

We can understand how a superhero bed would be appealing to a kid and some extreme enthusiasts, but a toilet?! 

That's just awkward.

We cannot even imagine using a toilet that has Spider-Man literally holding the seat for you...

Click the arrow on the right below to see all the superhero toilets. Courtesy of Instagram:


Now as much as this is not something we would like, many enthusiasts out there may feel differently. 

Perhaps this could be a feature toilet in their home? Or, better yet, it may be something they use as a motivation for their kids to use the toilet? 

And you know how the saying goes, the toilet is the hiding place of choice for some men, so who knows...

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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