'Breathtakingly horrific' real estate advert goes viral

'Breathtakingly horrific' real estate advert goes viral

An advert for a Sydney property has left the internet in stitches. 

Real Estate Advert Goes wrong
Screenshot/YouTube/Dylan Behan

The cringe-worthy advert for a Sydney real estate listing has drawn a lot of attention for good and bad reasons, with some describing it as being “so breathtakingly horrific that it borders on art”.

The advert shows a lavish four-bedroom house in Padstow with a couple dancing throughout the property. They dance on the couches, prowl across the kitchen counter, swim, and then settle into bed - all of this while dance music rocks on in the background.

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Twitter users took to the social platform to share their views on the advert. Some loved it, while others simply hated it, but in the end, the advert probably received all the attention it needed. We hope someone actually buys the property. 

After much criticism, the real estate firm, LJ Hooker Bankstown, apologised for the video and removed it from its social media.

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