JAC's Top 5: If you don't laugh you will cry with the rising fuel costs...

JAC's Top 5: If you don't laugh you will cry with the rising fuel costs...

Do you find it entertaining or heartbreaking?

White and black gas pumps
White and black gas pumps/Pexels Website

With the rising fuel cost greeting us at the start of each new month, it can be quite stressful to approach the new month with a sense of positivity. 

But in life, it is all about how you choose to see things, and if you live your life with a light heartedness, then somehow it tends to ease the pressure.

Scrolling through social media we found some people who have approached the rise in fuel costs with a sense of humour and we wanted to share that with you...

A new month can be stressful, but let's focus on approaching it with some laughter, laughter is the best medicine after all...

1. We have this lady who showed us that with an abundant mindset, you can fill up your tank. She latched onto the trend of tell me you're wealthy without telling me you're wealthy. And we all know that filling up the tank is a boss move nowadays...

Courtesy of TikTok.

@tyashneeg #petrolprice #fuel #gas #engen #southafrica #tiktoksouthafrica ♬ original sound - Tyashnee Gounden

2. A woman posted a video of a Lamborghini at the petrol station... with the overlay text reading: "Casually filling R10,000 unleaded in my Lambo for the week."

Point of judgment, just because the car is pricey doesn't necessarily mean filling up your tank will be too... #JustSaying

Courtesy of TikTok

@naycotton Clearly I'm in the driver's seat🤨 #gta #lambo #petrolprices #engen #southafrica #humor #justforfun #racecars ♬ San Andreas (Radio Edit) - Groove Delight


3. Many South Africans decided to go literal with this petrol prank. But we have to say this petrol attendant found the funny in it. 

Just know that it is by no means acceptable to just fill up your tank and dash off, this is illegal and heartless if you ask us. So remember that this was just a prank and the full amount was paid for. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@cdace0 Today i decided to push "mada's" nerves up ubit 😂 one 50 or 150 #funny #fyp #petrol #petrolstation #shell #funnymoments #petrolprank #fuelprices ♬ Pound Cake (Remix) - Surreal Sessions & Kooldrink - POP CULTURE + MUSIC

4. This one really got us, a woman pulls into the petrol station asking for R300 petrol and you won't believe what happened next...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@pinkythepirate0h Protea Heights Brackenfell. Great service. #petrol #petrolincrease #tiktoksa #funnyvideos #cashorcard #comedy #carsoftiktok ♬ Shay'mpempe amapiano mix - Muzzy D Pilot

5. This guy definitely put the cherry on top for us. He associates a full tank of petrol with success and we have to give him that. 

He entitled his video, "Mama I made it"...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@themba_letlape I’m rich AF😭😭😭#mzansi #mzansicomedy #southafrica #funny #petrol #petrolprices #fuel ♬ Mama I Made It - Original Version - Cassper Nyovest

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